Buyer’s Assistance

Once you have chosen the new Arncliffe home you would like, there are a range of facilities we can offer to make your purchase that much easier.
If you do not yet have a buyer for your existing house, why not consider our highly successful Part Exchange scheme?

Hundreds of purchasers have taken advantage of this facility, which has enabled them to plan their move with certainty, without the worry of finding a buyer at the right price or the hassle of appointing Estate Agents and negotiating with potential buyers.

Simply complete our no-obligation application form and we will arrange a mutually convenient time to inspect your property, following which we will confirm its eligibility for part exchange and discuss our valuation with you. Once we have agreed figures, your purchase can proceed without delay and you could be moving into your brand new home in weeks.

Our part exchange facility is entirely without obligation and in the event that you decide not to proceed with our offer, you will face no charges.

Part exchange may not be appropriate in all cases, for example if your existing house is of a similar or greater value than the new house you wish to purchase. We therefore offer a Sales Assistance scheme whereby we appoint a local estate agent to market your property at a mutually agreeable figure but with the benefit of the facilities we offer on our new homes; for example part exchange, mortgage assistance, etc.

The mortgage market is constantly changing and it is difficult to stay abreast of the latest products. We therefore offer the services of an independent firm of financial advisers who have access to all major lenders and can give impartial advice on the best deals around at any given time.

These advisers will meet you at a mutually convenient time and place (at home if you wish) and talk through the options with you, on a no obligation basis. If you decide to proceed with one of their suggestions, they will guide you through the paperwork and monitor progress of your application through to the time a mortgage offer is issued.

Once again, this facility is completely free of charge and entirely without obligation.
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