Complaints Procedure

Buildmark Warranty / After Sales Service / Complaints Procedure

Buildmark Warranty
Your new house is protected by a “Buildmark” warranty provided by the National House Building Council (NHBC). Protection is provided to you from exchange of contracts with deposit insurance. This is followed by a two-year post-completion builder warranty, supported by a NHBC dispute resolution service and guarantee. After the initial two-year builder warranty period, NHBC provide an eight year insurance policy (years 3-10) against  damage to the home caused by the failure of the builder to build specific parts of the main structure to NHBC Technical requirements. Further details of the NHBC Warranty can be found elsewher in this Home User Guide.

After Sales Service
If you experience any problems with your new home after moving in, please report them to our Sales Department on 0113 237 5900 or by email to Under the terms of the warranty, we are responsible for remedying relevant defects during the two-year liability defect period. Subject to the issue being our responsibility, we will log it and arrange for it to be dealt with as quickly as possible by our appointed subcontractors or our own maintenance team. We will advise you of the date on which we anticipate being able to attend to the work and let you know if any unavoidable delays arise.

Complaints Procedure
In the event that you are dissatisfied with the service you have received, your complaint should initially be referred to our Sales Department. If you continue to be dissatisfied, please send full written details of your complaint to the Managing Director of the Company at its Head Office in Leeds. In the unlikely event that your complaint remains unresolved after you have taken these steps, you should refer it to the NHBC who will investigate and decide what action needs to be taken under their dispute resolution service.

Our membership of the NHBC requires us to abide by the Consumer Code, a copy of which can be found at The Code includes an Independent Dispute Resolution Scheme which will be at your  disposal should you feel that any complaint which falls outside the NHBC’s dispute resolution scheme has not been handled satisfactorily by us.