Energy-Efficient Construction

Anything less energy efficient than a new Arncliffe home is strictly for the birds…and if your house is the one all the birds head for as a comfy winter perch it’s a fairly safe bet that it’s not only hot air but also your money that’s going through the roof!

Soaring energy bills in recent times have focused homeowners’ attention on energy efficiency and this is an area where a new Arncliffe home can help…

Where gas is available, all Arncliffe homes are fitted with state-of-the-art gas condensing boilers typically delivering an efficiency quotient of 90%-95% as opposed to the 75% or thereabouts from older, less efficient boilers.

The other half of the energy-efficiency equation is, of course, insulation. There’s no point in pumping heat into your home at less cost and then having it escape in order to warm the air outside!

Here again, an Arncliffe home comes into its own in that the whole house, walls, ground floor and loft – is effectively encased in a highly efficient insulation system including, of course double glazing.

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